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We will update this site soon with more detailed information.


All the equipment you need for start a self production you will find on this page. All our products you can produce in IBC container (1.000 kg).

For fountain and wash we prefer an "ex protected stirrer" (ca. 1.000,-€). D60 is inflammable so you need this kind of stirrer. Also you are able to produce D40 or something else. Other equipment for wash and fountain are Ph meter (100,-€ - 500,-€), conductivity meter (250,-€ - 500,-€) and small lab equipment like lab stirrer and glasses (500.-€ - 1.000,-€).

For varnish you need a stronger stirrer (2.500,-€ - 3.500,-€) to destroy the solids. Also a gloss meter (250,-€ - 2.500,-€), some squeegee´s (750,-€) and later special equipment (?,-€) for special kinds of varnish.

A ground balance (1.500 kg) (1.500,-€) is a must have and a fork lifter will be also good. Also an electric hand pump "ex protected" (500,-€ - 1.500,-€).

Please ask us, or we will update this, for this equipment. We start with this kind of german equipment the production of fountain, wash and varnish in seven countries around the world.

Come on. We have the know how and experience, You have the customers.

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