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Our partners produce many kinds of fountain solutions around the globe. Many use their own brand but inside is our know how.

So this is only an overview about some products. Our chemists have many experience with fountains around the globe and they are able to find the right product for your market.

To find an easy way to source the right product for your market send us please the technical datasheet and MSDS from the needed product. Second step we source from our portfolio the right product. In special cases we need a wet sample of 200 ml to check in our lab.

After we have found out what your market/you need we give you our right product. With your label? With FOGRA Certificate? No problem.

Please have a look at "Service" to see/read what is possible to arrange.

Some of our products are FOGRA certificated others not. In many countries around the world the FOGRA certificate is not needed. We are able to certificate all our fountain products easily but we do not see the reason why. Our partners have in this time no need and we spend the money in "Our Project".

Feel free to contact us to find the best solution together for your market.

Don´t dream. Start business ;)

PS: you can produce fountain in IBC

our fountain team