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Price list

Why a price list in the Internet?

We like fair dealings. So we offer our best price for raw materials and finished products. When you have a look on raw materials you will see that we update this page monthly.

We calculate our production cost, packaging, filling. label and documents and the finished product is ready on the ramp for transportation (ex works).

Also raw materials we will collect and pack on pallets to pick up at the ramp (ex works).

You need an IBC Mixer for self production? Ask or write us please to give you information. As you have read already, it is possible to produce everything in IBC.

With this information you can easily calculate your own raw material costs for a self production. And when you find a local raw material producer or dealer with the same quality (our lab will check, see "Service") and a cheaper price, maybe all in the network can participate from this information. But you will have the best quality and the cheapest price. in your country.

Feel free to come back to our price list to see the newest updates.

Questions about price/volume?